About Us

It all began over 20 years ago. Believing that a little step taken daily builds up the hope of great accomplishment, Gudang Gambar started as a humble home gallery. The name of Gudang Gambar says it all, a painting warehouse. With a vision in mind and a determination at heart, we focus on providing quality paintings and personalized services. Our commitment is to establish a trusting relationship with the clients, both seasoned collectors and avid first-time art buyers.

Gudang Gambar is built on quality paintings, fresh interesting collections, personalized services and solid teamwork. All of these has made the gallery earn the trust from the clients and the recognition from exhibition organizations, both at national and international stage. Participating in an exhibition as way of presenting our collections was a giant leap from our simple printed paper flyers during our early days.

We have participated in various exhibitions, including Affordable Art Fair in Singapore and Hong Kong, Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong as well as Art Jakarta and Art Moments in Jakarta. This participation is a testament to the recognition and the trust on our gallery’s credibility. Naturally, they also opened the doors for the gallery to present our collections to the wider audience.

The highs and lows that color our journey has been a rewarding one. A reputable gallery managed by a solid professional team we proudly call Gudang Gambar family. Yet, despite this success, we always strive to stay true to our original idea, providing quality paintings for everyone. We take great pleasure in helping our clients choose contemporary paintings that are relevant to their likings.

Our collections have been shared by both local and international collectors. We will always be more than happy to share them with you, too. Today and in many years to come.

To us, our journey is your paintings.